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As a temporary measure due to COVID-19, Windmill offices are not seeing clients in person until further notice. We will serve all clients remotely. We can be reached Toll-free at 1-855-423-2262 or
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Prime rate savings

For a client borrowing $15,000 (to help pay for a two-year learning plan, with a standard three-year repayment), this offer will save $812 in interest over the course of their loan.

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Windmill’s prime rate loan for BC clients

Now, skilled immigrants in British Columbia can borrow from Windmill at prime interest to advance their career.

refugee loan program

Refugee program

When combined with our interest-free loans for refugees, this offer will help even more immigrants in British Columbia achieve career success.

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to contribute your skills and experience in Canada.

About Windmill Microlending

Windmill has been offering low-interest loans to immigrants and refugees since 2005. We understand the unique challenges newcomers face as they settle in Canada and seek work that suits their education, skills and experience. A loan from Windmill makes it possible for skilled immigrants to afford the steps they must take to achieve career success. As a registered charity, our clients’ success is our success. 

Windmill Microlending BC
Windmill Microlending British Columbia

A loan from Windmill sets our BC clients on the road to achieving their career goals.

National outcomes:

Income grows by 3.6x on average

Unemployment drops from approximately 40% to 7% upon repayment of a Windmill loan.

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Frequently asked questions

Why is Windmill offering clients in BC a lower interest rate?

Windmill’s goal is to help more skilled immigrants and refugees in BC reach their career goals and achieve financial stability. This offer will create the opportunity for more newcomers to benefit from our support.

How long will this offer last?

This rate will be available to clients in BC until March 31, 2021.

How much will this lower interest rate save BC clients?

A client who borrows $15,000 at prime (for a two-year learning plan and three years of repayment) can save $812 over the course of their loan.

I am moving to BC soon. Can I get this rate?

If you have an address in BC at the time, the funds will be disbursed; you are eligible for this rate. The rate will be available until March 31, 2021.

Success stories

Meet some of the skilled immigrants in BC who have achieved career success with the help of a Windmill loan.

Dr. Olamipo 300x300Dr. Olamipo
Clearwater, BC

Looking for greater opportunities to advance their careers, Dr. Olamipo and her husband decided to move to Canada. As a doctor trained in Nigeria, Dr. Olamipo struggled to restart her career due to the high costs of re-accreditation in her new home country. “Windmill contributed immensely. Through the loan, I was able to pay for my professional exams in order to obtain a Canadian Medical Practicing License,” she explains.

Rajan 300x300Rajan
Vancouver, BC

After seven years spent working as a successful general practice veterinarian in India, Rajan moved to Canada in search of more opportunities to grow professionally. Since he needed to complete an expensive process in order to obtain a Canadian veterinarian certification, Rajan began working full-time as a security officer. Windmill’s loan helped Rajan pay for his last exam fee and soon after, he resumed his career as a veterinarian.

Anita Lal Windmill MicrolendingConnect with Windmill

Anita Lal is Windmill’s Community Relations Specialist serving Metro Vancouver and greater British Columbia. Anita supports partners and clients through presentations and information sessions, providing details about Windmill, our loan program, who we serve, and who is eligible for a Windmill loan.

Contact Anita:
Toll-free: 1-855-423-2262 ext. 601

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Windmill Microlending is a registered charity, and all donations are eligible for an official tax receipt. Your donation helps us convert potential into prosperity for newcomers.

Windmill Microlending is grateful to private donors who have made it possible to offer this special interest rate to new British Columbia clients. Every year, Windmill supports hundreds of immigrants and refugees by providing loans to help them pay for the licensing or training they require to achieve career success in Canada. Now more than ever, Canada’s newcomers need our help. Please consider a donation to Windmill today.

All statistics are based on approximately 120 BC clients with the required data as of September 30, 2020. Income data is based only on those who have completed their Career Success Plan and paid their loan in full.