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Skilled newcomer colleagues smiling and discussing their professional journeys in Canada.

Every journey to career success is different

This month, Windmill’s blog highlights the key questions you need to ask and steps you need to take to successfully make your big career move in Canada. From relocating for work, investing in your education or reflecting on your hopes and dreams, every newcomer’s path to success is different.

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Micro-credentials for newcomers in Canada.

Putting newcomers to work in Canada, faster

We take a look at the power of rapid microcredentials, the value of your international education as well as the best routes to accreditation in health care.

Supporting Canada’s newcomer STEM innovators

Supporting Canada’s newcomer STEM innovators

We explore how skilled newcomer women can help unlock Canada’s innovation economy by leveraging their knowledge and training.

Newcomers need champions. Mentors can help.

We explore how newcomers – and their mentors – benefit from strong, mutually beneficial mentoring relationships.

Financial Literacy for skilled newcomers

Building financial knowledge for a stronger Canada

Gain the tools to navigate Canada’s financial landscape and unleash your economic potential.

Information and resources to help you launch and advance your career

From understanding the education you need to get reaccredited to financial planning and job search tips, you’ll find everything you need to succeed in your Canadian career within Windmill’s new Career Planning and Success Centre.

Skilled Immigrant

Find out if Windmill can help you achieve career success.

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Windmill Microlending eligibility

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