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From Afghan Refugee to Doctor Fighting COVID in Quebec

Published July 14, 2020.

Ayman client story

With two kids in tow, Ayman and his wife fled Afghanistan and migrated to Quebec, looking for a brighter future. Ayman first started work at survival jobs to support his family “I had to work in some survival jobs just to cover everyday expenses.”

While working survival jobs, Ayman spent four months knocking on the doors of clinics and hospitals just for a chance to acquire Canadian knowledge and a chance at an observership. After months, Ayman was finally accepted into the ICU unit. Next, Ayman began to strategize ways to save money for his qualification exams, but it wasn’t easy.

By chance, he learned about Windmill, “I heard about Windmill from someone on social media.” After reaching out to Windmill Microlending, Ayman secured a loan that helped pay for exam fees and materials. Soon Ayman was not worried about surviving but was able to focus on studying.

Ayman is thankful that Windmill Microlending was there, not just to help secure financial loans, but to navigate his path towards achieving his goal of becoming a doctor. Canada has given him so much, and now Ayman wants to give back, “I would like to join the front lines in the fight against the coronavirus in Canada.”