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Your training will help you rise in Canada 

This month, the Windmill Microlending blog focuses in on internationally-trained pharmacists, dietitians, bilingual professionals, bridging programs and B2B tech sales workers and the path to reaching your full professional potential in Canada. 



Embracing Canadian success and identity

This month, the Windmill Microlending blog features articles on career success for internationally-trained lawyers and dentists, highlights emerging careers in sustainable technology and explores the importance of Black History Month.

The power of Mentorship

Windmill Microlending blog features articles on how mentorship can transform the careers of newcomer women and young professionals while helping those working in IT and tech to reach their full potential. 

your money matters

Your money matters

In November, the Windmill Microlending blog helps build your financial knowledge with advice on budgeting apps, financial behaviour and managing your money in a time of rising interest and inflation.

Find a career where you are valued

This month’s Windmill blog highlights how skilled immigrants and refugees can find career opportunities in organizations and fields that value your contributions, perspectives and cultural heritage.

Information and resources to help you launch and advance your career

From understanding the education you need to get reaccredited to financial planning and job search tips, you’ll find everything you need to succeed in your Canadian career within Windmill’s new Career Planning and Success Centre.

Skilled Immigrant

Find out if Windmill can help you achieve career success.

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Windmill Microlending eligibility

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