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Our Impact

A Windmill loan can have a big impact on our clients, who significantly increase their incomes and are less likely to stay under-employed. Take a closer look at our outcomes, demographics and loan portfolio below.


Income grows by

on average, with some
variance by profession.
For example, engineers achieve
almost 11X income growth.

Unemployment drops
from approximately

40% to 10%

upon repayment of a Windmill loan.


of loan recipients are working
in their field by the time
they repay their loan.


Intended Occupations

Countries of Origin

Top 4:

The Philippines

countries of origin represented.

National Impact

Windmill has disbursed loans from coast to coast to coast, in 8 provinces and 2 territories.

Loan Portfolio Facts as of September 30, 2018

Size of the Loan Program

total active loans,
including 121 in the
Refugee Loan Program.

Repayment Rate


Program Milestones



in approved loans



*All figures based on 639 loan recipients who had completed their learning plan and paid in full as of September 30, 2018. These figures are conservative, as some loan recipients are still working on obtaining their credentials during their repayment period. This may be the case for professions with a long and/or multi-part credential process, i.e. dentists and doctors.

**All demographic statistics are based on approximately 3,400 clients with the required data as of September 30, 2018.