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Our Partners

Windmill Microlending relies on the generous support of both public and private sector funders for loan program delivery, loan capital pool and special projects. Windmill would like to recognize the following supporters, without whom its program would not be possible:

Public Funders

Government of Canada

Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) generously supports Windmill’s loan delivery and operational costs benefitting immigrants across the country. The Windmill (formerly IAF) loan fund received early and generous contributions from Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC).

Province of Ontario

The Ontario Ministry of Labour, Training and Skills Development generously supports Windmill’s loan delivery costs for loans benefitting immigrants in Ontario.

Government of Alberta

The Alberta Ministry of Labour generously supports Windmill’s loan delivery costs for loans benefitting immigrants in Alberta.

Government of Québec logo

Government of Quebec

The Ministère du Travail, de l’Emploi et de la Solidarité sociale (MTESS) of Quebec generously supports the work of Windmill through the Prêts pour la reconnaissance des titres de compétences étrangers (PRTCE) program to support foreign-trained professionals to have their qualifications recognized in Quebec.

Support by Level

Windmill Microlending is a registered charity and all donations are eligible for an official tax receipt. 


RBC Foundation
The Rossy Foundation
TD Bank Group

$100,000 – $999,999

Robert & Mary Pat Armstrong
The Counselling Foundation of Canada
Crux Capital
The John Dobson Foundation
Adam Felesky
La Fondation Emmanuelle Gattuso
Hamilton Community Foundation
Lifeline Syria Fund at Toronto Foundation
Walt Macnee
Maytree Foundation
Munford Family Foundation
The Petman Foundation
Power Corporation of Canada
The Prosser Charitable Foundation
Toronto Pearson International Airport
The W. Garfield Weston Foundation
The Winnipeg Foundation
Miyo Yamashita and Michael Guerriere
The Young Fund Hamilton Community Foundation
Anonymous (3)

$50,000 – $99,999

Canadian Western Bank
Wayne & Eleanor Chiu
Donner Canadian Foundation
The Peter Gilgan Foundation
GROW Fund at Toronto Foundation
Claudia and Graeme Hepburn
The Hunter Family Foundation
The McLean Foundation
The Morris & Rosalind Goodman Family Foundation
Pierre Lassonde Family Foundation
Max Bell Foundation
The Molson Foundation / Fondation Molson
RBC Financial Group
The Rebanks Family
Saskatoon Community Foundation
R. Howard Webster Foundation / Fondation R. Howard Webster
The Young Fund Hamilton Community Foundation
Anonymous (2)

$20,000 – $49,999

ATB Financial
The Birks Family Foundation / La Fondation de la Famille Birks
J. Armand Bombardier Foundation | Foundation J. Armand Bombardier
The Calgary Foundation
Cathy J. Richards & Friends Foundation
The Arthur J. E. Child Foundation
Cineplex Media
Pat Cochrane
Connor, Clark & Lunn Financial Group
Donald Family
Brian Felesky
The Ian Martin Group
Intact Foundation
The Koerner Foundation
Longview Asset Management Ltd.
Susan McArthur
John and Dana Montalbano
Wendy Morris
Richardson Foundation
Edward and Barbara Shapiro Charitable Giving Fund at the Jewish Foundation of Greater Toronto
Shorcan Energy Brokers Limited
The Stollery Charitable Foundation
Suncor Energy Foundation
Talent Beyond Boundaries
Viewpoint Foundation
Willow Grove Foundation

$10,000 – $19,999

Saleh Al Aroud
Bennett Jones LLP
Canadian Natural Resources
Canadian Pacific Railway Company
Carma Developers
Cisco Systems
ConocoPhillips Canada
Devon Canada
Colin B. Glassco
The Scott Griffin Foundation
Sophia Hwang & Brock Judiesch
Karl Jeam Legacy Loan Fund
Carsten Jensen
National Public Relations
Pace Family Foundation
Sherrit International Oil & Gas
Talisman Energy
Trico Charitable Foundation
George and Helen Vari Foundation
Anonymous (3)

$5,000 – $9,999

Vladimir Ahmad
Alger & Associates Inc.
James (Jim) Allard
Artemis Canada
Associated Cabs Ltd.
ATCO Group
Mary Barr
Cameo Investments (Sam Goresht)
Carrie Church
Coastal Resources
Gibson Energy Ltd.
Fern Gordon and Pierre Lavallée
Jim Gray
HMK Consultants Inc.
Dr. Noor Jaffer
Dr. Kabir Jivraj
The Maja Foundation at Calgary Foundation
David O’Brien
PFB Corporation (C. Alan Smith)
S.M.Blair Family Foundation
Sherali Saju
Walied and Deena Soliman
Andreas Souvaliotis
David Werklund
Zeller Family Foundation

$1,000 – $4,999

Nwamaka Agbakoba
Mary Ellen Armstrong
The de Beaudrap Family
Daniel Beaudin-Hall
Budget Car & Truck Rental
BURNCO Rock Products Ltd.
Bydon Tech Systems
Brendan Calder
Paula Calderon
Leanne Cheng
CMP Pontiac Buick Classic
Compton Petroleum
Conroy Ross Partners Limited
Radha Curpen and David Spivak
Vanessa Desa
EO Forum Determined
Esprit Exploration
Dianne Fehr
FirstEnergy Capital Corp.
Fortis Alberta
Genbridge Family Offices
Tara Holmes
Ronald & Laurie Johnston
JSS Barristers
Moez and Marissa Kassam Foundation
Katalina Kovesfalvi
La Fondation Henry & Berenice Kaufmann Foundation
Keith Pontiac Buick GMC Ltd.
Jon Lam
Lynette Lefsrud
Peter & Jeanne Lougheed
Christopher Miller
Lindsay Morris
Neva S. Ramsay Professional Corp.
J. Peirce & N. Hetherington-Peirce
Jeni Piepgrass
Rally Energy Corp.
Jerry Richardson
The Robert and Tatiana Ritchie Foundation
Shaganappi Chevrolet
Smith Mack Lamarsh
Ted Snow
Sarah Stuewe
Corinne Tessier & R. Toews
Drew Thomson
Amal Umar
Universal Ford Lincoln
University of Calgary Faculty of Education
Vancity Community Foundation
Vital Toronto Fund at Toronto Foundation
Frances Wach
Gerry Wood (Wood Automotive)
Laura Wood

Under $1,000

Margarita Arbelaéz
Avison Young Commercial Real Estate
Brian Baker
Albert Bedell
Walter & Christine Boyd
Alexandra Brennan
Cliff Cameron
Joan Carson
Pat Christie
Marc Correia
Darcy Cox
Zoe Curnoe
Janet Eremenko
Ethier Associates
Bev & Bob Fournier
Joan French
Blake Gallacher
Joseph Gambin
Rob Hinley
The Jack & Audrey Holmes Fund at Edmonton Community Foundation
Hygge Fund at Toronto Foundation
Puja Inamdar
Jahnavi Joshi
Samira Khajehi
Kitchener Waterloo Community Foundation
Gayle Kosokowsky
Jacques Krzepkowski
Christopher Lau
Minh Le
Susan Lewthwaite
Kerry Longpré
Craig March
Phillip Marcovici
Merette Mathieu
Norman (Skip) McDonald
Dr. Paras Mehta
Frank Mercado
The Mezzanine Group
Josh Morawo
Geneviève Morin
Jeremy Ng
Terry Norman
Susan O’Neil
Chiragkumar Patel
Robert Pearce & Carolyn Guichon
M. Aileen Pelzer
Dmytro Petlovannyi
Roxanne Pham
Nureen Pirbhai & Omar Suleman
Mary Sheridan
Lucette Simpson
Musenga Simwawa
Greg Stewart
Jessica Thomas
Kyle Turnbull
University of Calgary Indian Students’ Association
William and Marta Vandermarel
Alex Volpi
Colleen & Lloyd Lee Wong
Stephanie Wong Ken
Marisa Yeung
Anonymous (5)

Gifts in Kind

Bennett Jones
The Globe and Mail
JSS Barristers
Allan Lee
LIFT Philanthropy Partners
McCarthy Tetrault
Pattison Outdoor Advertising
The Printing House
Strategic Advisory International
Success Office Systems Saskatoon

Community Bond Investors

Atkinson Foundation
Bealight Foundation
Cliff Cameron
Cathy J. Richards & Friends Foundation
The Catherine Donnelly Foundation
Dragonfly Ventures
Fairmount Foundation
The Peter Gilgan Foundation
Fern Gordon
Green Shield Canada
Hamilton Community Foundation
Inspirit Foundation
Intact Foundation
Dr. Noor Jaffer
Carsten Jensen
Dr. Kabir Jivraj
Dr. Anish and Mrs. Pooja Kirpalani
Kitchener Waterloo Community Foundation
The Lawson Foundation
Janet and Bill L’Heureux
Zai Mamdani and the Mamdani Family Foundation
Dave Marcus / Marburg Investments
Max Bell Foundation
JoAnn McCaig
The J.W. McConnell Family Foundation / La Fondation de la Famille J.W. McConnell
Metcalf Foundation
Missionary Sisters of the Sacred Heart of Jesus
Munford Family Foundation
Oakville Community Foundation
Ottawa Community Foundation
The Rebanks Family
Julie Scott
Jon Shell and Jaimie Donovan
Andreas Souvaliotis
TELUS Pollinator Fund for Good
Toronto Foundation
triOS College Business Technology Healthcare Inc & Eastern College Inc.
William and Marta Vandermarel
Norman Young & Janey Law

Line of Credit Guarantors

Peter Aghar
Bruce & Carmen Alger
Avi Amir
The Auxilium Foundation
Frank Boyd
Wayne & Eleanor Chiu
James & Inez Collie
The Counselling Foundation of Canada
Edmonton Community Foundation
Adam Felesky
Brian Felesky
Jim Gray
Inspirit Foundation
Dr. Noor Jaffer
Greg Jones
Moez Kassam
D. Keith MacDonald
Alan Norris
Sheila O’Brien
Eric Prosser
Sherali Saju
Prem Singhmar
Andreas Souvaliotis & Joseph Gisini
Kumar Stenger
Anonymous (3)

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