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Ways to Support Windmill

Windmill Microlending is a registered Canadian charity. Currently, Windmill relies on our government partners to provide approximately 60% of our operating costs. For the other 40%, we look to generous individuals, foundations and corporations to help us meet our clients’ needs for microloans and support in a variety of ways, including donations, grants, investments, named funds and sponsorships.

Support our Annual Fund

A donation to Windmill’s annual fund supports the delivery of loans and the support we give our clients. Your gift enables us to spread the word about our program so it reaches immigrants who need it. It allows us to support clients as they develop their applications and paths to accreditation, to manage our loans, and to support clients through their repayment. It also supports us in measuring our impact, sharing our story with the wider community, and growing our sustainably.

Support Loan Capital

Loan capital is the money we lend to Windmill clients. To grow and serve more clients, we need to grow our pool of loan capital. You can help us serve more clients by contributing to our loan capital in the following ways:

Become a Donor

A donation of funds towards our loan capital pool is a gift that truly keeps on giving. With an average repayment cycle of 2.5 years, your gift will be recycled to future clients as soon as it is repaid. Every few years you’ll be helping someone new reach their full professional potential in Canada.

Become an Impact Investor

We offer a unique impact investing opportunity through our Community Bond program. Purchasing a community bond with us puts your investment dollars to work, making a tremendous impact to our clients and economy, while earning our investors interest comparable to a GIC or government bond. 1, 3 and 5 year bond terms are available.

Give Your Publicly Traded Securities

Donating a gift of securities is a tax-efficient way to help newcomers achieve professional success. Canadians who donate appreciated securities (including stocks, bonds and mutual funds) directly to a registered charity eliminate capital gains tax on the investment. The capital gains tax exemption does not apply if you sell the securities first and then donate the cash proceeds

Making a gift of publicly listed securities is a simple, easy process and a wonderful way to support our mission to turn potential into prosperity for newcomers to Canada.

Contact Sarah Stuewe,, to donate securities.

We need your support

Get involved with others who believe in the power of micro loans to help internationally-trained immigrants achieve success in Canada.