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Windmill Microlending and CIBC support Internationally-Trained Dentists (ITD) to obtain training and credentials in Canada

Affordable loans for internationally-trained dentists in Canada

Are you an internationally-trained dentist who is new to Canada or just starting your licensing process? We’re here to help you get started.

Windmill Microlending and CIBC have partnered to support internationally-educated dentists looking to continue their careers in Canada. Windmill can help you afford the related costs of assessment, training, licensing exams, supplies and even a living allowance during a period of study.

A Windmill loan provides the support you’ll need to launch your accreditation journey successfully, and our unique partnership with CIBC enables you throughout the licensing process.

Interest rate is 5.2% variable.

Am I eligible?

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Step 1

Register with the NDEB and apply for your Windmill loan.

Receive up to $25,000

Next step

Register and pass the Assessment of Fundamental Knowledge (AFK).

Step 2

Provide proof of AFK completion & apply for a CIBC Line of Credit.

Credit approval for $35,000

Next step

Register and pass the Assessment of Clinical Judgment (ACJ) or Assessment of Clinical Skills (ACS).

Step 3

Provide proof of AFK + ACJ or ACS completion to increase credit limit.

Credit increase for +$50,000

Next step

Register and pass the next step in the NDEB equivalency process (ACJ or ACS).

Step 4

Provide proof of AFK + ACJ + ACS and register for the OSCE.

Credit increase for +$15,000

Next step

Provide proof of completion of  the Objective Structured Clinical Examination (OSCE).

Binal, a Windmill client originally from India, explains how a Windmill loan helped her achieve career success as a dentist in Canada.

Dentistry Case Study

Dentist Alexandra

Looking for a better life for her kids, Alexandra, a Colombian dentist, moved to Ontario with her family in 2011, thinking that she probably wouldn’t work in her profession again.

Initially working in a few “survival jobs” and later assisting with teeth cleanings, Alexandra was determined to obtain her Canadian dentistry license. She needed to enroll in preparatory courses to write an evaluation, but money was tight. Fortunately, a bacteriologist from Colombia told her about Windmill Microlending.

After fulfilling all the requirements to practise dentistry in Ontario, Alexandra received her license in February 2017.

“I applied for many loans but couldn’t get any. I was a newcomer, so it was tough to get a loan. I was grateful because after touching many doors, Windmill lent me the money I needed.”

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In partnership with CIBC.