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The Skilled Immigrant Career Success Guide

The Skilled Immigrant Career Success Guide

A roadmap to establishing career success in Canada

In support of skilled immigrants on their journey, Windmill Microlending has created the Skilled Immigrant Career Success Guide. In this comprehensive, downloadable, online Guide, newcomers can find the information they need to bring their skills to the Canadian labour market and learn new strategies to help them achieve their full career potential. With a variety of topics covered, ranging from explanations of career loans to the importance of mentorship and networking, this free resource will enhance your ability to achieve career success within Canada. This guide breaks down some of the major challenges facing skilled immigrants in Canada, and provides strategic advice designed with your needs in mind.

Articles focus on four areas: education credentials, financial planning, career skills and job search preparation. Each article includes a checklist/workbook-type exercise page that readers can use as a “roadmap” for success.

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The Skilled Immigrant Career Success Guide

What’s included?

Educational Credentials

Find out how to navigate the licensing process of regulated professions in Canada, the benefits of going back to school, an overview of different types of educational opportunities available to you and more.

Financial Planning

Learn about budgeting, the types of loans available from different institutions, tips on accessing a Windmill loan to fund educational training or licensing costs and more.

Career Skills

Gain knowledge on the importance of communication and other soft skills, the benefits of having a mentor, why you should join a professional association and more.

Job Search Preparation

Discover how to create a winning resumé, tips for virtual interviews, why networking is an essential job search technique in Canada and more.