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Windmill Microlending Sudarshan Physiotherapist


Prior to arriving in Canada, Sudarshan had practiced physiotherapy for three years in Nepal, where he had earned his Physiotherapy degree.

After researching various communities in Canada, he decided to establish his new life in Brampton, Ontario. However, when he went to look for work, Sudarshan ran into trouble immediately. He was aware that he could not practice as a full physiotherapist without his license, but he also discovered that his lack of Canadian experience made him uncompetitive in the labour market. After applying for numerous jobs he realized that he wasn’t being taken seriously by employers. He knew he needed to secure his financial situation and pursue licensure in Canada.

Sudarshan approached clinics in person to see if there were any unposted positions that might make use of his experience and didn’t require him to have a license. He went to ten different physiotherapy clinics before one offered him the chance to volunteer with their Licensed Physiotherapists a few hours per week. His efforts were rewarded when a part-time Physiotherapy Assistant position became available. He was offered the position and he gratefully accepted.

Sudarshan supplemented his part-time income with a warehouse job. This income alleviated his stress and allowed him to focus on his long-term goal of becoming a fully Licensed Physiotherapist. With his financial situation more secure, Sudarshan was able to focus on getting licensed.

Sudarshan knew the first step was having his education assessed by the Canadian Alliance of Physiotherapy Regulators. This is often a stressful process for new applicants as they have to collect documents from overseas and then wait to see if their education will be accepted as equivalent. To Sudarshan’s relief his education was assessed as being equal to that of a Canadian Physiotherapy degree. The remaining steps were a written exam, followed by a rigorous six-hour clinical exam.

Sudarshan wasn’t sure how to pay for either exam. His two jobs provided enough to pay his bills but not much more. He was fortunate to have a few friends from Nepal living in Canada, including one who lived in Calgary and happened to be a physiotherapist. His friend had been a Windmill Microlending client and used his loan to complete his own professional licensing exams. On the advice of his friend, he applied and after a brief evaluation period, received his loan.

With his loan, Sudarshan was able to focus his mental energy on the exams and passed both on the first try. He received his license and took his first job at a long-term care facility. Sudarshan worked there for two years before joining a private clinic.

“My financial difficulties, due to working variable hours in low paying jobs, was causing me stress and preventing me from saving the money I needed to write my licensing exams. When Windmill helped me pay for those exams and study materials, it got me back on track.”

Every year, Windmill helps hundreds of immigrants by providing loans to help them pay for the licensing or training they need to work in their field in Canada. Now more than ever Canada’s newcomers need our help.

Please consider a donation to Windmill today.

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