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Windmill’s Trending Jobs Report

Will you and your career be ready for what comes next?

Many industries and sectors, across Canada, are seeing big changes. There are labour and skill shortages, disruptive technologies and changing work expectations. The pace of change is rapid and exponential. Are you and your career ready for these changes?

While no one can predict what the future holds, Windmill Microlending’s Trending Jobs Report uses recent labour market data to empower you as you plan your career advancement in Canada.

Download the Trending Jobs Report

Click on the province or territory to download the report for the location where you want to find trending job and career development information. You can also download the Canada-wide Trending Jobs Report, which summarizes the provincial and territorial reports. Having trouble? Click here to download a provincial or territorial trending jobs report from a text-based list.


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What is the Trending Jobs Report?

This province-by-province report is a resource to help skilled immigrants and refugees on their journey to use find employment in growing and in-demand fields as well as advance in their career development. The report includes:

  • In-demand job information for every part of Canada
  • Accreditation and education pathways for growing fields
  • Job search, career coaching, mentorship and networking advice
  • Listing of relevant local and national newcomer services

Inside the report 

Check out examples of the information you’ll find within each provincial report.

How Windmill can help you advance in your career

Choosing a career in an in-demand field may require you to pursue accreditation, education, training or strengthen your skills through professional development courses, which can be costly. However, in many cases this investment can lead to meaningful income growth.

Windmill Microlending is a Canadian charitable organization offering affordable loans, of up to $15,000, to help skilled immigrants and refugees pay for the costs of accreditation, education, training and cost of living while you study in Canada. Since 2005, Windmill has supported over 7,000 newcomers to overcome underemployment, unemployment, grow their incomes and unlock their full career potential in their new country.

Step 1

Find out if you’re eligible for a low-interest Windmill microloan

Complete our two-minute eligibility quiz to find out if you are eligible for a flexible Windmill loan. If you aren’t eligible today, not to worry, contact us for next steps.

Step 2

Apply for a loan

If you are eligible, prepare your documents for your Windmill application. Here’s what you’ll need. You will be notified about your loan approval within two weeks.

Step 3

Start your journey to career success

Work with a Windmill client success coach to achieve your career success plan with mentorship and online digital resources available to support you.