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Windmill Appeals

Windmill Appeals Form

If your loan has been declined and you would like to submit an appeal, please fill out the following form within 30 days of receiving your decline notice. You will receive a decision from the appeal process within 30 days of submitting this form.
  • Part A: Contact Information

  • Part B: Reason for Appeal

  • Please select one option.
  • Part C: Explanation

  • Please provide information to explain why you are appealing. Refer to the letter you received which gave a reason(s) for the loan decline. If you believe that important facts were not considered, please list them.Please list any new information that was not available when you submitted your application.
  • Attach any new and relevant documentation (e.g. letter of acceptance into a program, exam results, offer of employment).
  • Part D: Acknowledgment

    By submitting this appeal form, you acknowledge that you: 1) have read the information sheet titled Loan Decline Appeal Process 2) have included all of the information necessary for the consideration of your appeal with this form 3) understand that the decision of the Appeal Panel is final